Conan Exiles Could End Up With a Castration Option

Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women–and men robbed of their family jewels.


Conan Exiles is in Early Access on Steam and while the game is getting some publicity, perhaps the item getting the most attention is its deep character customization. Yes, you can really preset how well-endowed your character will be. But what the player giveth, developer Funcom could soon taketh away.

No, they won't take away the sliders, but it has considered the idea of not only placing an enemy's head on a pike, but also the family jewels. "We really want you to be able to harvest the heads of your foes and stick them on spikes outside and around your bases. Maybe even at some point...castration," the developer said in a recent Reddit AMA

Considering the story and the lore, Funcom said that nudity was an important decision in the game. "We discussed nudity early on and decided that for the lore and setting, nudity was something we wanted to go with. The slider was a natural evolution of that, especially seeing we had a similar slider for breasts. Equality and all that."

The Age of Conan MMO, also created by Funcom, had the breast sliders, but nothing for the men. So the new game remedies that situation.

Xbox One players can join in the fun and possible dismemberment later this spring.

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