Chatty Game of the Month: Resident Evil 7 (January 2017)

Capcom's creepy return to the Resident Evil franchise caught our community and wouldn't let go in January.


Our community has dubbed its favorite game of January 2017, and it was none other than Resident Evil 7. Capcom's creepy return-to-form received a glowing review from our own Brittany Vincent, and that praise was backed up by an outpouring of support from the Chatty, with more than double the votes of the second runner-up. Check out what the Chatty had to say about Resident Evil 7, along with its two closest competitors, below.

Game of the Month: Resident Evil 7 (January 2017)

"The fact that this is the seventh part of the series... yet it is so good is nothing short of amazing. There aren't many franchises you can say that for. It lives up to it's golden days and it seeps with pure fear. Resident Evil 7... game of the month- no, year as well."


"In VR it made me not want to play it but in a good way."

"The story, game play, graphics, etc. It brought the Resident Evil series back to it's roots."

First Runner-Up: Rimworld

"New alpha release along with mod support have made this game a goto"

"My chef had to grind his dad up and serve him for breakfast"

Second Runner-Up: Yakuza 0

"My first Yakuza game but a great intro. Kiryu is a boring character but him being deadpan around the sometimes ridiculous Japanese setting and karaoke, dancing and RC car minigames really cracks me up. Majima has a genuinely good story that I'd usually expect from a big budget Asian mob movie. Fighting is a bit repetitive and there are too many random encounters that are hard to escape but I'm still having fun."
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