Nintendo Reveals Switch Developer Menu Accidentally

We get a first look at what a Nintendo Switch devkit is like.


The Nintendo Switch will be out in a month, but we still know very little about Nintendo’s handheld/console hybrid. Thanks to Nintendo Portugal’s mistake, though, we have a new look at what development hardware for the Switch is like.

Nintendo Portugal accidentally forgot to add game footage when it uploaded its Nintendo Switch Super Bowl trailer. This left us with images of the development menus on the Nintendo Switch which don’t show much, but are interesting. The biggest different we can see is that Switch devkits seem to come with 64GB of internal storage as opposed to the 32GB the retail model is slated to come with.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the Switch and see what it’s capable of doing. For now though, we’ll have to be happy with the slow trickle of info we’re getting until the Nintendo Switch launches on March 3.

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