Landfall VR Multiplayer Beta Gameplay Preview

Check out this old-fashioned top down virtual reality multiplayer game from Oculus Studios and Force Field VR.


Landfall was one of my favorite seated VR games that I experienced at Oculus Connect 3 in October of last year. It is a top down virtual reality multiplayer game that allows for up to 4 players to go at it online in a futuristic battle featuring mechs (striders), and various weapon types. Now that a multiplayer beta is on the way, I had a chance to try it, and my earlier enjoyment was reinforced. 

Landfall includes several modes of multiplayer gameplay ranging from capturing territories or briefcase to straight up deathmatches. The objective modes give one team with a limited amount of revives (150-250 lives depended on the size of the map) against the defending team with an infinite amount of lives. This creates a unique layer of strategy as you don't really have to worry about your kill death ratio on defense. There are NPCs on both teams and their deaths count as one death for your team, but if you or your teammate dies, it counts as 10 deaths. 

As suspected, it's still incredibly fun. It incorporates mechs in a way that can really change the outcome of a game, and includes a wide range of weapons to choose from. I found myself changing loadouts during a game to find what combo of weapon and strider best fit the map. The game has a great art style that feels like you are playing with futuristic army men on a tabletop. Use of a traditional gamepad does not break the immersion of this game as it is a seated experience and you control your point of view by naturally directing your gaze. It is also really cool how the developers show all four players' virtual heads floating above the level so you can see where your opponent is looking and try to catch them by surprise. 

Landfall is a game that could have existed on a traditional console or PC environment but is enhanced by the immersion and sense of joy created with the power of virtual reality. I described it as a spiritual successor to Smash TV when trying to capture my feeling when playing the game yesterday. Landfall is a fun game that will have you talking smack with your friends the moment you pick up a controller.

Take a look at this gameplay footage that I captured from my experience yesterday.

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The Landfall Multiplayer Beta begins on Thursday, February 2, 2017 only on Oculus Rift.


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