Shadows of the Damned Is Now Backwards Compatible On Xbox One

Follow Garcia Hotspur to the pits of hell with Suda51's rock-and-roll road movie. 


Shadows of the Damned, one of Grasshopper Manufacture’s most underappreciated hits, is by far one of Goichi Suda’s greatest works. It’s also available now as a backwards compatible title for Xbox One. If you don’t already have a copy, I definitely suggest picking one up now that it’s easier than ever to play it on console. It’s also a pretty cheap find if you do want to grab a used copy. Suda51, as we affectionately knoow him, would be pleased.

For the unfamiliar, it might be an acquired taste. Garcia Hotspur, demon hunter extraordinaire, is in a tight spot! He may not be dressed as a gimp, but his girlfriend has been stolen away to Hell, care of one Fleming, lord of the demons. In Hell, infant doorkeeps snack on brains and strawberries, while shooting a goat’s head creates a brilliant burst of light. Malevolent demons snack on the bloody limbs of beautiful women. Hotspur’s gotta stock up on the tequila and sake in order to keep his strength up. Can you tell this is a Suda51 adventure yet?

In Shadows of the Damned, familiar mechanics meld together for a Latin-flavored rock-and-roll “road movie” that, despite its shortcomings, is a refreshing exercise in the grotesque. From a motorcycle ride into the pits of hell to Fleming bursting out of the back of Garcia’s girlfriend Paula, Shadows is a trip. Garcia’s trusty old pal (former demon) Johnson is along for the ride, able to transform at will into a source of light, machine gun, and even a motorcycle.

This game oozes style at every turn. And it should, springing forth from the minds responsible for games such as Resident Evil, No More Heroes, and Killer 7. It’s a third-person shooter/adventure ditty with some admittedly dated aspects, but snappy firefights and deliciously bizarre elements keep you glued to your seat.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t really appreciated when it came out, so now it’s your turn to give Suda51 some love and try out what many might consider one of his less bizarre games, even though I certainly wouldn’t look at it that way.

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