Resident Evil 7 bested by Twitch streamer's speedrun of 93+ minutes

The latest run continues to best his previous world records.


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard offers a lot of frights and scares in its 10-hour campaign, but a Twitch streamer's speedrun has cut the thrills and chills down to a managable 93+ minutes for those faint of heart.

uhTrance has been powering through the game since it was released last week, and using the New Game Plus mode he has managed to finish the game several times in short order. His first record was a two hours and 22 minutes Any% run when just after the game was released. He has efficiently shaved of time since then, culminating in a record of 1 hour, 33 minutes and 16 seconds very early this morning, managing to drop his initial record by almost an hour. 

Granted his familiarity with the game after so many playthroughs helps, but it is still an impressive feat nonetheless. He has been posting YouTube videos in his channel a few times a day of new records, so it is likely this record won't last long.

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