Resident Evil 7 has terrified almost 10% of its players via PlayStation VR

More than 88,000 PS4 players have donned a headset to experience the game. 


Resident Evil 7; Biohazard has been a critical success for Capcom, but the advent of virtual reality has given the game a whole new level of creepiness and horror. The publisher is keeping track of the stats, and despite the cost of have a VR rig, the mode ihas been amazingly popular.

According to, more than 933,000 people have played the game, with more than 88,000 of those being introduced to the family through PlayStation VR. The overall numbers include Xbox One and PC players, although the VR number is purely PlayStation 4 users, since the game has no VR support on the other platforms yet. All the numbers are "taken from players who have enabled the in-game data transmission option."

Though the story mode and some other aspects of the game support VR, some modes do not. there are parts of the upcoming Banned Footage DLC that will not support PSVR.

The stats site also covers other fun statistics, like body parts that players like tio shoot at most (head obviosuly at 76%), how many kilometers have been walked in the game (more than 18 million), and even how many insect nests have been birthed (1.7 million). Lots of fun can be had just looking at what is being tracked. 

Brittany thoroughly enjoyed the game, and even gave the Beginning Hour demo a whirl in VR. Check it out foryourself if you haven't already.

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