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How to Fix For Honor Beta Launch Issues on PC

This guide will give you the workarounds and fixes you need to launch the For Honor closed beta.


The For Honor closed beta has commenced, but like most betas, it has its fair share of issues. Once major problem PC gamers are having with the For Honor beta is that it simply won't launch. The following guide will show you some For Honor beta fixes and workarounds that will help you get the game running.

Reset Your Computer After Installing For Honor

In this modern age of automatic driver discovery and plug-and-play everything, it's hard to remember the days when you had to restart your computer after doing pretty much anything. However, the time old fix of restarting your computer may just do the trick with fixing your For Honor launch problems.

Have Uplay Verify Files

Sometimes just one little file being corrupted during download can cause an entire game to refuse to work. In my case, For Honor just refused to acknowledge it even existed on my computer. That's when I used Uplay's file verification function. Once the file verification had done its thing, For Honor launched immediately.

Whitelist For Honor

Make sure that Uplay and For Honor are whitelisted in your Windows Firewall and anti-virus software. Even if you allowed both programs via the window that pops up the first time you ran them, make double sure their outgoing connections aren't being blocked.

Make Sure For Honor is Using the Right GPU

If your PC has a processor that also has an integrated GPU, you'll want to ensure that For Honor is using your dedicated graphics card. Use the settings software provided by your GPU's manufacturer to make sure everything is configured correctly.

Make Sure the For Honor is On Your C: Drive

Even these days, some games just have issues if you don't run them from your primary hard drive. If you have For Honor installed on a hard drive other than your primary, try uninstalling it and reinstalling it on your C: drive.

Try Another Windows Profile

Sometimes a random setting can just prevent a game from starting. If the above fixes and workarounds don't work, try logging into another Windows profile, preferably a newly created one. This profile change might just do the trick and reset whatever setting was preventing For Honor from working.

Unplug Non-Essential Hardware

If you're still having issues with For Honor after trying the above, unplug any non-essential hardware from your computer. Sometimes driver compatibility issues can cause games not to work, and there's a chance that something you have plugged in may be making For Honor crash before the window even has a chance to pop up.

For more help and updates concerning issues with the For Honor closed beta, keep an eye on the Ubisoft forums.

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