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Resident Evil 7: So You Got Your Hand Cut Off

Find out more about what to do when you get your hand cut off in Resident Evil 7.


Resident Evil 7 isn't afraid to go all the way in its presentation of horror, and an early scene in the game has Ethan Winters dealing with getting assailed by a chainsaw and having his left hand cut off. With how abrupt and shocking the dismemberment is, it's easy to think that you did something wrong and wonder if you can stop it from happening. This article will tell you everything you need to know about getting your hand cut off in RE7.

There are massive story spoilers below. If you haven't made it past the scene where Ethan gets his hand cut off, you'll probably want to play at least that far before you read below.

How Ethan Gets His Hand Cut Off

Roughly around an hour into the game, you'll find Ethan's wife, Mia in the basement of the Guest House. She'll attempt to lead you out of the basement so you can make your escape from this awful place. However, while looking frantically for a door, she'll be snatched by someone and you'll have to try and follow. A new door leads up to the first floor of the Guest House, and you'll hear knocking coming from the direction of the basement.

After you make it to the basement, you'll find Mia crawling up the stairs at you. She attacks in a crazed state and you have to fight her. You'll get the chance to bury an axe in her, but that makes her only angrier. Eventually, though you knock her out, she comes back to pin Ethan's hand to the wall with a screwdriver. Ethan manages to free himself, but it's too late for his left hand, which Mia cuts off with a chainsaw. She then leaves Ethan to miraculously not bleed to death somehow.

Can I Stop Ethan's Hand From Getting Cut Off?

With how quick the scene passes, it's easy to think you missed some button prompt or didn't do something right and Ethan's hand should still be firmly attached to his arm. This is just how Resident Evil 7 works. You're exposed to grotesque horrors at breakneck speed, so you don't get a chance to take a breath. Fortunately, the hand isn't gone forever, as you'll soon find out.

That's everything there is to know about Ethan getting his hand cut off in Resident Evil 7. It's supposed to happen, and you can just keep going, everything will be fine.

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