Resident Evil 7: Where to Get Repair Kits

Looking to upgrade your weapon selection? We show you how to get the repair kits will allow you to fix broken guns in Resident Evil 7.


Getting the Repair Kit items is an easily overlooked objective in Resident Evil 7. During your adventure through the Baker Estate, you'll find two broken weapons, the Broken Handgun and the Broken Shotgun. At first look, these two items seem useless, though you can use the Broken Shotgun to get the M37 Shotgun. However, if you find the two Repair Kit items you can mend these broken items into superior firearms and have the more powerful M19 Handgun and M21 Shotgun.

This guide will show you how to locate both Repair Kit items and how to use the Repair Kits to expand your weapon selection.

Finding the First Repair Kit in Resident Evil 7

The first repair kit you can get in RE7 is easy to miss, but right under your nose for the first half of the game. When you're running from Jack after breaking free at the dining room table, you'll have to go through a hatch that leads under the house and into a safe room. You may notice that there is a breakable box through a small bit of fencing underneath the house that you can't reach. Well, this box contains the first Repair Kit.

To get this Repair Kit, you'll have to have unlocked the door with the three dog head emblems in the Main Hall of the Main House and have access to the yard. Go through the three head dog door and down the steps then immediately left. Between the two sets of stairs, you can find a piece of sheet metal covering a hole. Pull the piece of sheet metal away and crawl through the revealed passage and break open the box you find at the end. This box contains the first Repair Kit.

Getting the Second Repair Kit in Resident Evil 7

To get the second Repair Kit in RE7, you'll have to first beat Marguerite in the Old House so you can get the Treasure Photo found on the steps leading up to the Greenhouse. The Treasure Photo is near the railing at the bottom of the steps of the Greenhouse. If you can't find it, use some Psychostimulants to highlight it.

Once you have the Treasure Photo, you must proceed until you have the Red and Blue Keycards to enter Lucas Baker's Testing Area. Head to the second floor of the Testing Area to the top right-hand corner of the map. If you compare the room there to the Treasure Photo, you'll see the shelf with the mannequin head with a blue baseball hat matches perfectly. Search there, and you'll get the Repair Kit.

How to Fix Broken Guns

There are two broken firearms you find during your playthrough Resident Evil 7. The first you'll find is the Broken Shotgun, which you'll use in the Main Hall to get the M37 Shotgun. The second is the Broken Handgun found in Zoe's Camper in the yard.

How to Fix the Broken Handgun

Fixing the Broken Handgun is simple. Once you've located it in Zoe's Camper, you just need to grab one of the Repair Kits. Combine the Repair Kit with the Broken Handgun, and you'll get the M19 Handgun.

How to Fix the Broken Shotgun

Fixing the Broken Shotgun is a little bit more complex. You'll have to either switch your M37 Shotgun out for the Broken Shotgun or wait until you have the Snake Key to find another stand-in. Once you have the Snake Key, you can go to the attic above the Kid's Room on the second floor of the Main House and find a Model Shotgun. You can then take the Model Shotgun to the first floor of the Main Hall and trade it out for the Broken Shotgun. Once you have the Broken Shotgun, you can use a Repair Kit on it to get the M21 Shotgun.

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