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Resident Evil 7 Boss Fight: How to Beat Eveline

We show you what you need to do to take down Eveline for good and end her threat in Resident Evil 7.


You've spent all of Resident Evil 7 trying to track down the source of that icky black mold, Eveline. Now you've got her where you want her, but she's still got some tricks up her sleeve. In this strategy guide, we'll tell you the best way to put Eveline down and end the terror of this dark night at the Baker Estate.

How to Fight Eveline in the Guest House

The first part of your boss fight with Eveline takes place in the same attic where you first fought Mia. The key here is to keep your distance from Eveline, or she will kill you instantly. Move to the back of the room and start attacking Eveline with your most powerful attacks. If you wallop her enough, by the time she reaches you the second part of the boss fight will be triggered.

If for some reason you're having trouble with the first section of the Eveline fight, you'll see an extra option on the continue screen. For this fight, and this fight only, you can access your item box from the game over screen to change out items and try to fight Eveline again.

How to Fight Eveline in the Yard

The second part of the boss fight has you fighting Eveline in the yard in front of the Guest House. The plus side to this section of the fight is that you're immobilized and can't walk, so all you have to do is worry about aiming. Continue to pelt Eveline's face with your strongest weapons. She'll attempt to shield herself with her tentacles, but just wait until she drops her guard and keep shooting.

Once you've done enough damage, a helicopter will drop a handgun near you, and you'll get a call on your wrist monitor. The voice on the other end will tell you to use the gun against Eveline. Pick up the Albert-01 Anti-B.O.W. Handgun and fire it into Eveline's face. After three or four shots she'll go down, and you can finally rest knowing the nightmare is over.

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