Resident Evil 7: How To Find and Get the M37 Shotgun and M21 Shotgun

This guide will show you how to find the RE7 shotgun and what you have to do to actually get your hands on it.


The shotgun will be your major damage dealing in Resident Evil 7, so you'll want to get the shotgun as early in the game as possible. The shotgun is a Resident Evil series tradition and just like in the first Resident Evil title. When you go to get the shotgun in Resident Evil 7 it's mounted in a way that will trap you if you aren't careful. Additionally, there's a second, more powerful, M21 Shotgun that's available in Resident Evil 7 that you can get. To get the shotgun that is more powerful will take a little extra work though. This guide will show you how to find and get both the M37 Shotgun and the M21 Shotgun in RE7.

How to Get the Shotgun in Resident Evil 7

To get the M37 Shotgun, you first need to obtain the Scorpion Key in the Main House basement. Once you get the Scorpion Key, you can then head to the Recreation Room on the second floor of the Main House and use the key to open Grandma's Room. Once you've entered Grandma's Room, locate the Broken Shotgun and pick it up.

The Broken Shotgun and the M37 Shotgun will take up a total of four inventory slots, so make sure you have at least four slots open before you attempt to get the shotgun. To find the shotgun you'll need to head to the Main Hall of the Main House and go through the double doors on the South wall to the statue. You can now replace the M37 Shotgun with the Broken Shotgun to take it without getting trapped behind the doors. You have now successfully obtained your first RE7 shotgun.

How to Get the M21 Shotgun in Resident Evil 7

The M21 Shotgun is actually the Broken Shotgun you used to get the M37 Shotgun. You'll have to wait to get the chance to get the M21 until after you defeat Marguerite in the Greenhouse. Once you've done that you can head back into the Basement of the Main House and return to the Butcher Room, you defeated Jack in earlier, adjacent to the Butcher Room is the Dissection Room where you'll have to get the Snake Key from the body of the Sheriff's Deputy.

Once you've got the Snake Key, head up to the second floor of the Main House and use it to unlock the Kid's Room. In the Kid's Room, you can go up into the Attic and get the Model Shotgun. Now you can return to the same statue you used the Broken Shotgun on to get the M37 Shotgun and use the Toy Shotgun to retrieve the Broken Shotgun.

To turn the Broken Shotgun into the M21 Shotgun, you must get a Repair Kit. To get the nearest one, head out of the Main House into the yard and look for a loose panel leading under the house between the two sets of steps onto the porch. Use the Repair Kit on the Broken Shotgun, and you will get a fully functional M21 Shotgun.

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