Resident Evil 7 Boss Fight: How to Beat Marguerite Baker

Marguerite 'Momma' Baker, the matriarch of the Baker family, isn't happy with you for interfering with her family in RE7. Follow this strategy guide to defeat her for good.


Marguerite Baker is the second Baker family member that will give you hell in Resident Evil 7. After you kill her husband and come to take her treasure, she's more than a little angry with you. You'll have to fight Marguerite Baker twice during the game, but during the later part of your adventure in the Old House you can encounter her and either choose to run or fight. If you fight, be warned that it takes even more gunfire to knock her down when she's chasing you than it did Jack, and Marguerite will use her insect friends to attack you at range.

The strategies below will show you the best way to defeat Marguerite in RE7, and put Momma Baker to sleep once and for all.

Fighting Marguerite in the Old House Boss Fight

The fight against Marguerite in the Old House isn't terribly difficult. When you obtain the Crow Key and go up the small flight of steps to unlock the Crow Key door in the Old House, she'll snatch you up and throw you onto the floor. The floor will give way, causing you to fall into a pit. Marguerite will then taunt you from above the pit and send insects to harm you.

Marguerite herself won't actually hurt you during this fight. Your biggest worry is the giant mosquito-like bugs she directs to attack you. Your best tactic against these insects is to use your knife or handgun to take them out. The Burner takes too long to set the larger insects on fire, but they're excellent against the smaller swarms Marguerite sends out.

In between killing bugs, shoot Marguerite Baker in the head with your handgun and shotgun until she drops into the pit. She'll dissolve into a black liquid, and you'll immediately want to leave the pit because the black liquid damages you as long as you stand in it.

How to Beat Marguerite in the Greenhouse Boss Fight

The boss fight with Marguerite Baker in the Greenhouse is a difficult battle, but not as difficult as the struggle in the Butcher Room with Jack. Mostly this will be a battle of attrition as Marguerite is a bullet sponge. When you trigger the fight with her by approaching the window up the stairs to the second floor of the Greenhouse side of the Old House, blast her with the shotgun and when she retreats just relax. She won't immediately attack you again, so look around the immediate area for useful items.

Eventually, you'll trigger her appearance. The shotgun and Burner are your friends here. She's susceptible to fire, so use the Burner until you set her ablaze, then switch to the shotgun and aim for her head and hornet's nest underwear, as they're her two weak points. One of the best ways to fight her is to get her lodged in one of the rooms downstairs. If you're in a room with a ceiling while you're fighting her, she has a much harder time getting away from your attacks. On the second floor, she can move at will, making it much harder to get consecutive hits on her. Additionally, DO NOT get trapped in the stairwell with her, she can be obnoxious, and her attacks are powerful. Also, if Marguerite says anything about looking up, just run away, don't look up.

Once of the biggest problems in this fight is running out of ammo. As you can see in the video, I ran out of ammo towards the end of the fight but found some before Marguerite was able to kill me. Fortunately, there's a ton of helpful items scattered around the boss fight area; they're just hard to see when you're concentrating on fighting Marguerite Baker. If you have a Psychostimulant, use it to find the items easily, or watch the end of my boss fight video to see some of the item locations in the area.

We hope this boss fight strategy guide has helped you in your battle against Marguerite Baker in RE7. Check our other guides to see the best strategies when it comes to weapons or healing, and check our Resident Evil 7 guide and walkthrough hub to get even more great info on winning the game.

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