Resident Evil 7: Solve the Happy Birthday Cake Puzzle Fast

Is Lucas Baker's Party Room puzzle giving you trouble? This guide will help you solve the Happy Birthday Tape Puzzle in one go.


After making it through the ordeal in the Main House and Old House in Resident Evil 7, Lucas Baker takes his turn tormenting you. When you get the Snake Key, you can access his room on the second floor of the Main House in the "Kids Room." In the attic above Lucas' Room, you'll find a video tape titled "Happy Birthday" which puts you in control of someone locked in Lucas' Party Room in the Testing Area next to the Main House. If you can complete the puzzle in the Happy Birthday tape within 5 minutes, you will earn the "Out Before Dessert" achievement or trophy.

We'll show you in this guide how to beat the Happy Birthday Puzzle Room in plenty of time to earn the achievement. The first part of the puzzle guide will detail the whole process of completing the puzzle the logical way. The second part of the puzzle guide will show you just the steps you need to take to beat the Party Room Happy Birthday tape puzzle as fast as possible so you can assuredly get the achievement/trophy for beating it in less than five minutes.

Solving the Happy Birthday Tape Puzzle the "Right" Way

The objective of the Party Room puzzle is to light the candles on the birthday cake. However, Lucas has set motion-activated sprinklers in the doorway to the room with the cake making this task much harder than it initially seems.

Take the Candle from the creepy clown mannequin near the entry to the testing room. Proceed through the doorway in the wall opposite the clown and then through the right doorway.

The sprinklers will activate, dousing your candle. Your objective is now to find out how to disable the sprinklers. While you're in here, go to the barrel and take the Winder Key. Note the oil that begins pouring out of it.

Return to the room with the mannequin and check out the toilet to the left of it. Flush the toilet and grab the Dirty Telescope.

Head back to the doorway with the sprinklers and while they're running on you, equip the Dirty Telescope. The water will clean the Dirty Telescope leaving you with a regular Telescope.

The Telescope has a polarized lens you can use to look at the bank of TV monitors on the wall in the kitchen. Look at the screens and note the combination you see: Hanging Noose, Bird Perched on Tombstone, Fetus.

Return to the room with the cake and use the combination you just got to unlock the cabinet and receive the Straw Doll.

Go to the kitchen and activate the burner on the stove. Use the Straw Doll on the stove to reveal a Dummy Finger. Also, relight your candle using the stove burner.

Go to the door near the bank of TV monitors and use your candle to burn the rope holding it shut. Go through the door and search near the cabinet for a Balloon.

Use the Balloon on the pipe on the wall with the reaper painted on it. The Balloon will pop, and you will receive the Quill Pen.

You're now ready to assemble the mannequin. Return to the creepy clown mannequin and place the Dummy Finger on its left hand, then the Quill Pen in its left hand then use the Winder Key on the mannequin's torso to learn the password to the locked door in the balloon room: "LOSER."

Go to the balloon room and enter "LOSER" into the padlock on the door in the back of the room. Enter the now unlocked door and grab the Valve Handle.

Proceed back to the cake room and use the Valve Handle on the pipe to the side of the doorway to disable the sprinklers.

Return to the kitchen to relight your Candle and complete the puzzle by placing it on the birthday cake.

Complete the Happy Birthday Cake Puzzle Quickly and Stay Alive

Whether you're trying to get the achievement in the Happy Birthday tape or you've returned to the Party Room as Ethan later in the game and want to stay alive, the following is the quickest way to complete the Party Room puzzle.

  1. Grab the Candle from the clown mannequin.
  2. Go through the sprinklers to trigger Lucas' taunting.
  3. Turn on the burner in the kitchen and relight your Candle.
  4. Burn the rope on the door near the TVs.
  5. Enter "LOSER" into the padlock on the locked door in the balloon room.
  6. Grab the Valve Handle.
  7. Use the Valve Handle to disable the sprinklers.
  8. Relight your Candle using the stove.
  9. Place the Candle on the birthday cake.
  10. Take Lucas' bomb and put it in the hole in the wall by the oil barrel in the Birthday Cake room.

If you follow these steps, you'll complete the puzzle in under five minutes and get your trophy, and as Ethan, you must complete it this way to proceed further in the game.

We hope this RE7 puzzle guide helped you. For more info on weapons or other Resident Evil 7 information, visit our RE7 guide hub!

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