Xbox One update to speed up dashboard, again

Microsoft is adding one-button access to a much quicker overlay full of common functions, along with other bells and whistles.


The Xbox One dashboard is getting another update this spring, with a focus on speeding up common tasks.

In a blog post from Microsoft detailing the upcoming Windows 10 High Performance mode (via The Verge), platform engineering head Mike Ybarra detailed further enhancements to the XBO interface as well. An update to the Guide will let you pull up a quick overlay with a single button press, giving access to common functions like your friends list, Achievements, and party chat.

The update will also add clip recording and editing directly in the new guide. Plus, it will bring a Gamerscore leaderboard, revamped music controls, and a new look for Achievement tracking and Cortana.

Xbox One's dashboard was originally built around the revised Kinect that originally shipped inside the box. While that's no longer the case, the revisions to the dashboard have sometimes seemed stifled by the framework put in place from the start. Microsoft has been chipping away at improvements, and this one may provided yet another performance boost. The update is expected to come alongside the Creators Update for Windows 10, which is slated for April.

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