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ARK: Survival Evolved 'Pokemon' mod hit with DMCA notice

The Steam Workshop mod replaces dinosaurs with pocket monsters.


A mod for ARK: Survival Evolved that lets hunters take down Pokemon instead of dinosaurs has been issued a DMCA notice, but not from Nintendo or The Pokemon Company. It appears that a competitor may be behind the attempted takedown.

The mod, which is on Steam Workshop,  has had a notice listed on its page (via PCGamer) that "A DMCA Notice of Copyright Infringement has been filed on this item." As per all notices of this kind that Valve receives, it is trying to get to the bottom of the issue, but the mod is still currently available.

Mystic Academy, the developer of the Pokemon Evolved mod, told PCGamer that the DMCA apparently was filed by another modder (or friend of the modder) that building a competing mod for the game. He is asking others players who like the mod to join with him to fight the DMCA, saying he "created this mod because i love Pokemon and finally wanted a fun realistic way to play with them." No other details are known at this point.

The mod currently has almost 30 of the more popular Pokemon in the game and also offers numerous craftables. "This mod was created to bring a whole new world to the players of Ark," Mystic Academy said. "Like many other Ark players I had become bored with just modding dinos and the other Ark craftables. The team went ahead and started to create a conversion to ark that would remove everything that you are used to and replace it with the style from Pokemon."

He did say that he used the exact models of the Pokemon from the games they were modded from, so there is still potential for a DmCA from either Nintendo or The Pokemon Company. So stay tuned for more developments.

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