Arms is a Nintendo Switch title that gives you extendable arms to battle opponents

Hold a Joy-Con in each hand and get ready to rumble.


Arms is a new Nintendo property designed around Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con peripherals. To play Arms, you'll hold a Joy-Con in each hand. Maneuvers include thrusting the controllers forward to punch and tilting both Joy-Cons to move your character. You'll need to move your arms left and right to dodge punches as well.

Boxing gloves aren't your only weapons in Arms; you'll get access to a host of character specific weaponry. Electric gloves, boomerangs, and tridents, are some of the tools you can use to defeat your opponent. The game uses a rock-paper-scissors mechanic where punches beat throws, throws beat blocks, and blocks beat punches.

Arms sports a playful, cartoonish veneer in line with Nintendo's trademark fun-first style. You can choose from characters like:

  • Spring Man, who can jump higher than other characters.
  • Ninjara who can disappear when punches are thrown at him.
  • Master Mummy, who has high armor and can heal himself if you don't keep hitting him.
  • Mechanica, who can use her jetpacks to steer herself in mid-air for devastating attacks from above.
  • Ribbon Girl, who is extremely agile.

Nintendo Switch consoles can be connected online and via WiFi to battle against friends and Arms will allow for local and online multiplayer. Arms will launch in Spring 2017.

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