This Fallout 4 Mod Channels Duke Nukem 3D and Other '90s Shooters

Revolted takes you on a '90s-shooter themed adventure complete with demade graphics.


Shacknews got its start covering Quake, so I'm sure you can all appreciate anything that channels the cheese and violence of '90s shooters. Revolted is a mod by Cohagen which takes you on a new adventure in Fallout 4 that channels Duke Nukem, Doom, and Postal to make an excellent homage to the days where endless slaughter was enough to keep us immersed.

In Revolted, you play as the Overseer of Vault 102, and you must take back control of your vault from the evil Professor. That's all the story you need to start kicking everyone's ass you meet. This mod takes you back to the simple days where bad guys were bad, bullets were dangerous, and toxic waste was also bad.

Revolted demakes Fallout 4's graphics into something a bit more appropriate for the '90s-style facefisting you'll embark on. Get Floppy Discs to unlock doors, Nuka Cola to restore health, and for some reason ammo, and get violent.

If you have Fallout 4, you can download Revolted on Nexus Mods, or else!

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