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CES 2017: Plantronics Showcases RIG Gaming Headsets and Mixers

Plantronics RIG gaming headsets look to make it easier to keep up with your mobile life and game at the same time.


Plantronics RIG Stereo headsets and mixers (not included with some models) aim to be great gaming headsets and still perform on-the-go as great mobile earphones. The mixer lets you switch between your game and your phone with the turn of a dial, and you can swap out the boom mic you use for gaming, for a stealth inline mic for mobile use.

There is a variety of RIG models for gamers to choose from, ranging from cheaper sets if you just need decent mic and headphones, to the models that come with mixers and Dolby 7.1 compatibility. Visit the Plantronics Gaming section to choose from the entire range of Plantronics RIG products.

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