Injustice 2 clobbers Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on May 16

The game's director revealed the release date on Twitter, putting rumors of a March release to rest.


NetherRealm Studios creative director Ed Boon tweeted that Injustice 2 will release on May 16 for Xbox One and PS4.

Earlier this month, a listing for the game on Xbox Live Rewards claimed that the game may release in late March. Boon refuted the listing soon after the erroneous date made the rounds.

To be fair, other rumors pertaining to the game did pan out. Shortly before E3 2016, leaked promotional material all but confirmed the game's development.

(Said material mentioned a March 2017 release, aligning with the Xbox Live Rewards rumor. However, game development tends to be fluid; it's possible that NetherRealm hoped to release the game in its usual March/April window, but missed the mark for whatever reason.)

Injustice 2's development team looks to make good on their claim that the game would feature the "biggest DC roster ever." Judging by Shacknews contributing editor Cassidee Moser's hands-on demo at E3, it also shares more in common with NetherRealm's (formerly Midway Chicago) Mortal Kombat series.

"My biggest takeaway from Injustice 2 is how much it embraces and embodies the brutality and intensity of a fight between two super-powered beings," Cassidee wrote. "Every blow traded between characters strikes with brutal accuracy and impact, and each character’s special combines such intensely violent and powerful voracity that it’s hard to not feel massively powerful and dangerous, like a demigod in a codpiece and cape."

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