CES 2017: Nyko unveils new accessories for PSVR and Vive

All your charger bases belong to them.


Nyko has me making third-party console peripherals for years, and the advent of virtual reality has them expanding their offering a bit into the PC realm. CES 2017 gave them the opportunity to unveil some new charger bases for VR essentials.

For PlayStation VR, Nyko showed of two options for charging the Move controllers.The first is a mini-USB Y cable with that will charge both controllers in one USB port on the PS4. It isn't proprietary, so it can be used with any device with a mini-USB port. The second is a charge block that will handle both controllers. It plugs into a wall outlet or can use the PS4's USB port.

On the PC side, Nyko unveiled a charge block for the dual HTC Vive controllers as well, using a dongle for charging that attaches to the contoller's USB port. The block will plug into a wall outlet for faster charges than USB offers. In addition, a new VR Halo protective cover was shown for the controller, offering extra padding for the Vive's sensor ring. The halo offers holes so that no button are covered when it is in place.

All products will be available some time later this year. The PSVR cable will retail for $14.99, while the charge block will seel for $19.99. The Vive accessories will cost $29.99 for the charger and $9.99 for the halo cover.

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