CES 2017: Dell unveils 8K monitor for a mere $4,999

It's 32 inches with 1 billion colors and 280ppi.


CES is always a fun time for computer geeks to dream. Be it new processors, video cards, monitors or components, there are always a ton of things to add to one's "when I have the money" wish list. We can now add a new monitor to that list.

Dell unveiled its new UP3218K, a 32-inch 8K monitor with 7680 x 4320 resolution (280ppi), 1.07 billion colors and full coverage of the Adobe RBG and sRBG spectrum. The super thin aluminum contruction offers all the traditional monitor accoutrements - tilt, swivel, and height adjustments - and will sell for a pawltry $4,999.

The monitor goes on sale on March 23, and while it might not be for the average PC gamer, Dell general manager Frank Azor told the Verge that you could rationalize the purchase as being the equivalent of four smaller 4K monitors. Of course, you would need the video cards to run the beast as well, so until the monitor has some competition and the price drops, this will be firmly planted on the wish list for some time.

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