CES 2017: HTC Looks to Bring Viveport to Businesses and Arcades

HTC looks to find its niche with Viveport Arcade and business applications.


HTC isn’t just releasing a personal subscription model for Viveport as it revealed at CES 2017. HTC wants to find a niche for the digital storefront it created for the HTC Vive virtual reality headset and to do so it’s looking to business-scale sales.

Viveport Arcade is one of HTC’s initiatives to offer large-scale licensing of titles offered on its storefront. Viveport Arcade will allow developers to license content for timed use in immersive VR arcades that are popping up worldwide. HTC is also focusing on non-game content for Viveport with the hope that its store can be to business VR applications what Steam is for PC-based gaming.

HTC is moving forward to try and claim the crown of virtual reality industry-leader. With the new subscription-based and business-grade changes coming to the Viveport in Q2 this year and the new HTC Tracker technology bringing the possibility of a huge number of new third-party controllers, the HTC Vive is poised to make a major push forward in the VR market.

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