Starbound Developer Announces Two New Game Projects

A medieval Advance Wars and an RPG mixing Harry Potter and Stardew? Chucklefish is up to some interesting things these days. 


Developer Chucklefish has announced two new game projects currently in production.

The titles of one has yet to be announced, but one of them is a medieval-themed game CEO and designer Finn Brice described to PC Gamer as “a more modern spiritual successor to Advance Wars that retains some of the pixel charm.” Brice released a teaser for it on Twitter, which you can see below.

The other game is an intriguing RPG/sim hybrid called Spellbound, and it allegedly mixing elements of Stardew Valley and Harry Potter. You can see an art test of it in action below.

Chucklefish’s largest project to date is Starbound, a sci-fi sandbox-style open-world game currently available on Steam. In addition to these two game announcements, the team announced Starbound will also be getting a new patch soon. Other new content has come to the game recently, including Ancient Vaults with specialty items. 

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