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ASUS Breaks Overclock World Record on Intel Kaby Lake CPU

ASUS manages to overclock Intel i7-7700K to a whopping 7.383GHz.

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ASUS has overclocked two Intel i7-7700K Kaby Lake CPU to over 7.3GHz on all four cores and eight threads using their new Maximus XI Apex motherboard. The CPUs were overclocked using liquid Nitrogen and liquid Helium for cooling.

The previous Intel overclock world record of 7.195GHz was accomplished using an i7 980X on the X58 platform. Five generations of Intel processors have been released since then and only now with Kaby Lake is the old Gulftown i7 being dethroned.

The Intel overclocking record at ASUS’ Absolute Kaby Lake overclocking event was first broken by overclockers slamms with a single core overclock of 7.383GHz. The highest overclock on all four cores of the i7-7700K was accomplished by der8auer who managed to bring them up to 7.328GHz.

Although the Kaby Lake CPUs aren’t a substantial upgrade over last year’s Skylake platform, it seems like Kaby Lake might take to overclocking better due to its improved 14nm fabrication process. However, it wasn’t stated whether these were randomly chosen Kaby Lake processors or whether they were custom-binned from high-quality batches. Whatever the case, as BIOS revisions and custom-made BIOS are released for Kaby Lake processors over the next few months, expect even higher record-breaking speeds to be achieved.

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