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GTA 4's Liberty City is Coming to GTA 5 in this Upcoming Mod

You'll be able to travel between Grand Theft Auto V's San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto IV's Liberty City in real-time.

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The area of Grand Theft Auto V's map is about to get a lot bigger. Mod team OpenIV has been working on bringing Grand Theft Auto IV's Liberty City into GTA 5 since the game's PC release in 2015. In a blog post, the OpenIV team revealed that their work is almost finished and posted a teaser trailer for their project.

In this mod, Liberty City will not replace any location in Grand Theft Auto V. Instead, it will appear across the sea from the mainland of San Andreas and will be accessible in real-time via airplane or boat.

The mod is also, thankfully, entirely legal. Instead of including any assets from Grand Theft Auto IV, the mod will require you to own a legitimate copy of the game. Once you have GTA 4 and GTA 5 installed on your system, the mod will extract the Liberty City assets from that title, convert them and add assets, and create a single-player DLC pack that will be installed to your local copy of GTA 5.

A firm release date hasn't been revealed by OpenIV yet, but they've stated that it's coming soon. A warning about this mod and mods like it. You must play this mod in single-player, taking it into multiplayer is a sure way to get banned from GTA Online.

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