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Stickless Super Smash Bros. Controller by Hitbox Declared Legal For Tournament Use

Genesis 4 Super Smash Bros. will see the debut of the stickless SmashBox controller.


I'm not an avid Super Smash Bros. player, so I'm not sure what advantage the SmashBox stickless controller by Hitbox would give a competitor. At least one contestant in the upcoming Genesis 4 Super Smash Bros. tournament will be using it though, now that event organizer Sheridan Zalewski has announced that the controller is approved.

Genesis 4 event organizer Sheridan Zalewski stated that the allowance of the SmashBox controller would be a "test period" in which players and judges can determine whether controllers like the SmashBox give players an unfair advantage over those using standard controllers.

Dustin Huffer, the controller's creator, is moving forward with a crowdfunding campaign for the SmashBox. The debut of the SmashBox could be the dawn of a new fad of customized controllers in Smash Bros. tournaments. However, it remains to be seen if controllers like the Hitbox SmashBox will be allowed in tournaments over the long term.

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