Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 video shows off slaughterhouse rescue

Walkthrough takes players through the rescue of an American hostage.


GI Games has released a new video showing of a new map and mission for its upcoming Sniper sequel, Ghost Warrior 3.

The walkthrough, which shows operative Jon North choosing gear and loadouts for a mission against Georgian separatists, takes players through a heavily guarded slaughterhouse that is being used for interrogation of prisoners and disposal of bodies. The goal is to rescue an American being held captive, and also eliminate possible high value targets along the way.

One piece of equipment new to the game is the drone, which can do things like hack systems when augmented properly. The drone can even be upgraded with camouflage to make it less likely to be spotted.

The narrated video runs almost 17 minutes and offers a good look at the gameplay coming when the game is released on April 4 of next year on PC, xbox One and PlayStation 4. 

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