Battlefield 1 offers glimpse of first expansion They Shall Not Pass

New Concept Exploration images show possible maps that will be released.


Battlefield 1 has proved to be rather popular. DICE and EA continue to roll out updates and new content, but they are also preparing for the game's first expansion called They Shall Not Pass, arriving some time in March.

The expansion will add a French Army faction, as well as new maps and weapons. Not much else is being said, but DICE has released a bunch of Concept Exploration images that hint at maps in and around Verdun, the garrison of Fort Vaux and the battle of Soissons. Here are the images and the explanation behind them from Jonas Elfving and Stefan Strandberg:

"Around 1 million shells were fired in the opening barrage of the Battle of Verdun. This created massive forest fires around the fortified city and the battlefields surrounding it. Soldiers tell stories of being able to see these fires from far away. We really wanted to capture this initial fighting in a battle that came to be known as the Devil’s Anvil."

"The initial fighting around Verdun quickly transformed villages like Samogneux and entire forests into shadows of their former self. Verdun turned into the longest battle of the war lasting 9 months which completely transformed it. We wanted our players to be part of these initial intense attacks in the cold February of 1916."

"The stories of the heroic garrison inside of Fort Vaux inspired us deeply, they fought a tough battle for every inch in the dark in these underground corridors. Down here in the maze of dark galleries the French and Germans fought ferociously with grenades, flamethrowers, and poison gasses."

"Some 40 million artillery shells were fired over the course of the battle at Verdun, pulverizing the ground, turning the earth into a shattered lunar landscape. And underneath some of these trenches, tunnels and underground fortresses provide for new experiences yet unexplored in Battlefield 1."

"In contrast to Verdun the Battle of Soissons in late 1918 inspired us to create a new set of maps that captures the massive French tank assaults. The fighting revolves around key bridges over the Aisne River and something big lurks around the village of Fismes."

Battlefield 1 got a massive update last week for premium members, including the new Giant's Shadow map. Everyone will get access to it starting tomorrow. The Premium Pass gets players two-week early access to the four expansions, priority server access, 20 new weapons, 14 free Superior Battlepacks and unique Dog Tags.

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