VR/3D Game Streaming From Boom.tv Takes on Twitch and Others With $3.5m Funding Injection

Boom.tv might be sitting on a gold mine if the VR revolution continues.


With VR taking the gaming world by storm, there's going to have to be a way to stream that content in a format that accurately portrays the subject matter. Boom.tv might be the company that has the solution to that problem, and it is beating rivals like Twitch and YouTube Gaming to the punch with the development of its 3D/VR capable video game streaming service.

Right now Boom.tv is just covering League of Legends and Counter-Strike: GO, but with a recent injection of $3.5 million in funds from First Round Capital, Tandem Capital, Crosscut Ventures, Betaworks, Boost VC, and BITKRAFT eSports Ventures, they're branching out.
Boom.tv's technology is said to allow for instant replays, multiple angles, and can work in existing games with no effort from their developers to integrate it. Boom.tv states its VR app will allow streamers to broadcast in true VR too, with audience members having the ability to watch using "the headset of their choice."

Boom.tv looks to roll out their service to the top ten eSports titles with this additional funding injection. From there they hope to spread their coverage to the wider eSports community. With VR making such an impact, this type of service is an inevitability. The real question is, will the leading streaming services follow suit with VR and 3D streaming capabilities and edge Boom.tv out, or will Boom.tv be able to fulfill the burgeoning need for their service quickly enough to become the household name when it comes to 3D/VR game streaming that Twitch has with 2D game streaming?

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