Destiny: The Dawning includes Sparrow racing, changes to game modes, and bug fixes

New quests, Sparrow racing, and more have been added to the game.


Destiny's The Dawning event, part of patch 2.5.0, is now live and introduces a number of new features and changes.

Some of the update's most significant alterations lie in various game modes. A new iteration of the Sparrow Racing League heads the pack features two new racetracks and two from last year's incarnation.

Bungie tweaked the score limit in select modes, as well rewards for and Super Energy gained from playing Supremacy. To keep things balanced, players can utilize the option to veto heavy-weapon ammo from spawning in a match.

Alongside adding Silver Dust to the Tower and automatically breaking down green engrams when picked up, Destiny's 2.5.0 patch centers on The Dawning event and addressing miscellaneous bug fixes and glitches.

Full details on the massive Destiny update are detailed in the patch notes on Bungie's website.

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