Battlefield 1 Gets a Big Update and a New Map

Still waiting on the French and Russian Armies.


Battlefield 1's latest update makes a lot of balance changes, fixes glitches, and brings a new map to wage war upon. The first in a series of free maps, Giant's Shadow, is available to Battlefield 1 Premium members right now. If you're not a Premium subscriber, then you have to wait until December 20 to play on the new map.

The update also adds the grenade-crossbow, which predictably allows for players to shoot their grenades further than they can be thrown by hand. A Spectator Mode has now been added where a player can join a game and observe the action. In Spectator Mode you can switch between first and third-person cameras on any player in the game, get a bird's-eye view of the battlefield, or unlock the camera completely and fly around the battlefield at will.

A new Custom Game setting has also been added. Standard Issue Rifles custom games will allow all kits to only use their faction's standard issue rifle. This is intended to allow for gameplay that matches a little more closely with the actual type of fighting that occurred in World War I.

There is also a bevy of balance improvements. The Landship has been modified to allow players to spawn into the Landship directly, and it's been made as armored as the Heavy Tank. DICE hopes this will lead to more players choosing the Landship as a teamplay vehicle as opposed to just spawning a Heavy Tank.

Medics receive a significant adjustment with the addition of a short cool down between syringe uses that can be ignored near ammo crates. This should encourage Supports and Medics to work more closely together and stop "revive trains" where a Medic just repeatedly revives huge groups of soldiers at a time.

Tons of additional changes have been made as well. From fixing gameplay glitches to balance changes to individual weapons. DICE has a full (huge) list of patch notes on the Battlefield 1 forum. This patch should have already hit your copy of Battlefield 1 regardless of platform, so just launch it, and you're ready to fight!

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