Doom Mod Run For It! Is Hilarious And Zany

Ever wanted to see items sprout legs and run around in Doom? You're in luck. 


There are very few ways to improve upon the original Doom, but adding legs to items, weapons and other setpieces in the game can really do it. In fact, it ensures things are basically hilarious, like they were ripped straight out of a Benny Hill sketch, which the trailer attests to it with its copious usage of Yakety Sax.

Run For It! is a mod that does just that, giving crates, chainsaws, guns, armor and other items scattered throughout the game a pair of legs to run around the level with. It's just gorgeous, really. When you get close to items, they'll jump into the air with a puff of smoke, then they'll totter around the room where they stand as you give chase.

The mod itself is free to download and you can nab it here, though you'll need a Doom engine like Zandronum, ZDoom or GZDoom to enjoy it at its fullest. Check out the video below. It's pretty funny.

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