The Flame in the Flood To Debut On PlayStation 4 With Extras

You could say this game will be 'flooded' with extra content. 


The Flame in the Flood, which was previously available on Xbox One and PC, is being reborn on PlayStation 4 with additional content. A survival game that finds you hanging on for dear life in a post-apocalyptic Americana, you're charged with keeping yourself alive.

Players will receive director's commentary, new avatars, a new dynamic theme, and various gameplay enhancements.

The in-game world is procedurally-generated as you traverse an enormous river while foraging for supplies, staving off enemies, and crafting items that will help keep you alive in the end. It's being published by Curve Digital, and you'll be able to check it out soon. See the trailer below if you're just straining at the reins to get a look at its PlayStation 4 re-release.

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