Zombie-Slaying VR Simulator Arizona Sunshine Out Today

I love the smell of sizzling zombie flesh in the morning. 


If you just picked up your Oculus Touch controllers and are looking for something pretty action-packed to test out, Arizona Sunshine releases today, a veritable zombie apocalypse simulator in that you can shoot everything that moves while it lunges at you. Over and over and over.

Vertigo Games looks to have created a pretty engaging facsimile of walking around Arizona and shooting a whole bunch of the undead right in the face. Like a more realistic Horde mode from Gears of War, you can gear up with friends, handle motion-controlled weapons, and engage in some general slayage. In short, it looks right up my alley.

There's a full single-player campaign, co-op multiplayer, and over 25 weapons to mess about with, so if you love shooting zombies and you're itching for a new VR game to play shooting gallery with, this might be one you want to pick up.

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