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Lara Croft Go Announced for PlayStation 4 and Vita at PSX: 2016

The mobile tomb raider game is now available on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita with cross-buy.


Lara Croft Go, another entry in Square Enix’s push to make games for mobile devices, is finally coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game will be available later today, and will actually include a never before seen expansion, Mirror of Spirits, will be available first on the PlayStation platforms. Lara Croft Go, which was previously only available on iOS and Android, is the second of Square’s mobile titles to make the move to mainstream platforms, following the footsteps of the publisher’s first Go game, Hitman Go.

Released in August, Lara Croft Go brought everyone’s favorite raider of tombs to mobile devices in a brand new way that was a “brilliant reimagining of a classic franchise” according to Shacknews Editor-in-Chief, Steve Watts, when he reviewed Lara Croft Go earlier this year. Of course, Mirror of Spirits isn’t the first expansion pack that the mobile game has received since its initial release, as expansion ‘Shard of Life’ hit mobile devices back in November.

Going back to our review, Steve Watts also stated that Lara Croft Go “successfully illustrates the versatility of the franchise as a whole, showing that it can work as a soothing puzzle game just as well as an action-packed, nerve-wracking platformer. It's an outside-the-box design that makes it a perfect fit on mobile devices and provides enough substantial challenge for either a dedicated night in or playing on the go.”

It’s really interesting to see Square Enix bringing their mobile titles to other platforms, and we’re sure that Lara Croft Go will be just as enjoyable on the big screen as it was on our tablets and phones. Giving the game a Vita version also allows PlayStation users to carry the game with them on the go, essentially still allowing the title to have the same mobility as it does on phones and tablets.

There currently isn’t any known information on whether Lara Croft Go will make the push to PC, like Hitman Go did, but we wouldn’t write the possibility off just yet. We do know, however, that the game will be cross-buy compatible on the PlayStation 4 and Vita, meaning you’ll only need to purchase it once to enjoy it on both platforms.

PlayStation users can pick up Lara Croft Go starting today for $9.99, or $7.99 if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription.

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