Dead Rising 4 official launch trailer gets into the holiday spirit ... and so do we

It's story time with Frank ... and Keef.


Dead Rising 4 is approaching,
It will be out in four days
And the launch trailer has hit 
Leaving undead in a daze.

Frank West does some reading
To explain the game's story
Don't expect too much depth
But it is awfully gory.

Frank talks of mall shopping
and slaying zombies with ease
He makes his own weapons
But he's easy to please.

The trailer shows mayhem
With blood and bodies galore
And Frank is still quipping
"Do you really want more?"

It's a cute little diversion
Seeing Frank raising Cane
So do watch the trailer
It is quite insane.

For those of you hoping
To play this next week
Have your Xbox One ready
It's not for the meek.

December 6th it is coming
For bad little tots
On Basher, on Slasher
Let's make some blood spots.

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