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Pokemon Sun & Moon: How to Buy and Change Clothes

Get yourself some new duds to catch adorable creatures in. 


Pokemon Sun & Moon offers players a chance to have multiple customization options for their trainer’s look, thanks to clithing sores and options spread across the islands of Alola. It can be tricky to figure out how this works, so allow us to give you some tips for buying and changing your clothes.

Clothing stores are scattered throughout the major cities in Alola, with the first one being the shop in the shopping district of Hau’oli, just beyond the Beachfront District. The store is adjacent to the Tourist Bureau and has a sign out front with a shirt icon on it.

To make a purchase inside, walk up to the cashier and hit “A.” Two options will appear. Select Buy, and you’ll be able to look through the clothing items on offer. This first store will have pants, shirts, hats, and socks; other accessories will follow in the other stores around the islands.

Plan on spending anywhere from 900-1500 credits on shirts, slightly less for socks. To make your purchase final, select the item(s) you want and confirm your purchase.

You have two options to change your clothes; accept the cashier’s offer to change your clothes after making a purchase, or approach the fitting room in the back. This will take you to a screen where you can cycle through your owned purchases and alter your outfit as you please.

Use the mirror nearby to check out your outfit, complete with zooming in and rotating your character to get the best look possible. Congrats, you’re off on you journey with a fresh new look!

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