Dishonored 2 free DLC coming with new game mode and difficulty

It's just more options pushing the Dishonored theme of 'play your way.'


Fresh off the news that Arkane Studios is pushing to fix PC performance problems, we get word that the developer will also be releasing a free DLC pack for the game some time next month.

The theme of the series has always been "play your way," be it stealthy, murderous, avoid contact, don't kill bosses ... whatever, the option is usually available. Now Arkane has revealed that it is working on new Game + mode, as well as a new difficulty level for the game. Unfortunately, they aren't prepared to go into any detail yet, but just the notion that the options will be a free addtion, whatever they are, makes them a bonus whether you choose to use them or not.

Despite the minor performance issues, the game was a ton of fun and offers a lot of replayability, either as Corvo or Emily in high or low chaos. It will be interesting to see what Arkane has planned going forward, as the ending did leave room open for some new story-based DLC.

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