Dead Rising 4 will not have campaign co-op

Four players can jump into a separate co-op mode, though/


Dead Rising 4 single-player campaign is centered on Frank West and his path of destruction through the zombies of Willamette, Colorado. Capcom wants to keep that focus by not offering campaign co-op for this version of the series.

"We want to make sure we really focus on telling Frank's story," said David McAnerin, Capcom's gameplay producer, in a live Twitch stream. . "We think he's a really interesting character. It's really exciting to bring him back."

However, that does not mean the game will be devoid of multiplayer. There will be separate four-player co-op not tied to the campaign. The mode will offer some backstories on the four playable characters. The setting is the Willamette Mall, with players starting co-op in a safehouse full of weapons.

The mode will be similar to the Infinity mode of the original game where players tried to survive as long as possible before being overwhelmed. Here, players will attempt to survie through the day and get back to a safehouse to win the round.

Dead Rising 4 will be out on December 6 for Xbox One and Windows 10. It will come to PS4 after the exclusivity period is complete.

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