Total War: Warhammer Wood Elves DLC releases on December 8

Prepare for war as the Wood Elves will soon be available to play in Total War: Warhammer.


SEGA will be launching the largest piece of downloadable content Total War: Warhammer has received to date as the Realm of the Wood Elves DLC will be available on December 8th.

Total War: Warhammer’s first Elven race promises to offer a playstyle unlike any other as they are capable of capturing any settlement in The Old World to then set up expansionary outposts. In battle, the Wood Elves are the most versatile and powerful archers in the game as they can equip a wide range of magical arrows, attack as they move, and can call upon their Woodland allies for support. These include Dryads, Great Eagles, Forest Dragons and Treemen.

The Wood Elves also offer two new Legendary Lords, Orion and Durthu, and three new Hero types, all of which feature their own deep-specialization skill trees.

The full details of everything being offered in the Realm of the Wood Elves DLC can be viewed on the game’s official Steam page.

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