Watch your favorite team battle it out at the Anaheim Convention Center for CS:GO ECS Season 2 Final

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It’s going to be one hell-of-a weekend, as some of North America and Europe’s top teams battle it out on December 10th, in an attempt to claim the spot as CS:GO champions. Taking place at the Anaheim Convention Center & Arena in Anaheim, CA, the CS:GO Finals are shaping up to be extremely entertaining, especially if the Qualifiers are anything to go by.

During the Qualifiers, some of the matches were unbelievably close, especially the likes of Cloud9 vs Immortals, which saw three nail-biting overtimes followed by an ace from Stewie2k. We’re sure that the Finals will deliver more incredible moments as the players battle it out, especially with thousands of fans watching live on Twitch and in person.

With the Finals’ prize pool set at $750,000, all the teams involved have to bring their A-game to the table if they want to walk away with some of the cold, hard cash.

FACEIT is doing amazing work this year as ECS is providing a collective $1.75 million for Season 2 that is not only going toward the prize but also toward helping support the players. Part of this involves ensuring players receive better salaries, facilities, and equipment. It's these sorts of actions that help create a safer and more sustainable environment for the players.

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