Minecraft update 1.11 now available for PC and Mac

Minecraft: The Exploration Update 1.11 is now available to download on both PC and Mac.


Microsoft and Mojang have released Minecraft update 1.11, which is also known as the Exploration update, on both PC and Mac today.

The Exploration update features a new Villager type called the Cartographer who will exchange spare emeralds for a map, which can be used to mark the spot where some treasure caches can be found in the game world. These maps can point to a number of locations, such as to Ocean Monuments where spiny Guardians act as protectors, while others can take players to Woodland Mansions filled with Illagers.

Today’s update also allows llamas to be used to transport all of their goods. Having multiple llamas will allow them to form a caravan when traveling together and will attack enemies by spitting on them.

PC and Mac players can update their version of Minecraft to start enjoying the new Exploration update.

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