Chattycast 117: Where Should Pokemon Go?

What? Pokemon is evolving! Pokemon wants to learn Modernize, but it already knows four moves.


Since its debut 20 years ago, the Pokemon series has endured and become one of Nintendo's hottest properties. While you'd be hard-pressed to find a series more rife with spin-offs, the core has always remained more-or-less intact. Sure, you might go photo hunting or battle in an arena, but the money and recognizable brand has always been with the classic RPG part of the series. Until this year, when Pokemon Go arguably overshadowed its handheld namesake.

This week, the Chattycast takes a deep dive into the world of a Pokemon series at a crossroads. Between the ever-inching-toward-modernization main franchise with Sun and Moon, the social phenomenon of Pokemon Go, and the unpredictable X-factor of the Nintendo Switch on the horizon, Nintendo is in a position to take this beloved series in lots of directions. Which one is right for Nintendo as a business decision, and which would do right by the fans? Are those two incompatible? Where will it go next, and where should it go next?

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