How to Disable Seamless Online Play in Watch Dogs 2

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While many might enjoy the seamless online experience offered in games like Watch Dogs 2, there are others out there who simply wish to enjoy the game by their selves. By default all the online experiences are turned on for Watch Dogs 2. In this article we’ll show you how to disable these options, making it so that you have to choose when you join an online operation.

Why You Should Disable Online Operations

The idea of seamless online gameplay has been something that developers have striven for over the past few years. For Ubisoft it has been one of the biggest things that they have pushed. So why would you want to turn something like this off, if it doesn’t impede your gameplay experience?

Well, truth be told, it does actually impede your gameplay experience. With online interactions turned on, you’ll automatically be pulled into online events that you are near. This automatically adjusts your current objective, in an attempt to push you towards focusing on the online mission, versus the campaign mission that you were currently attempting. Because of this, many players may wish to turn the seamless online interactions off, in order to remain in their singleplayer session without any hindrances.

How to Disable Seamless Online Interaction

To disable the seamless online interaction included in Watch Dogs 2, open up your in-game smartphone and navigate to the Settings option.

This will launch the Game Options screen. Move down to Settings and then to Online Preferences.

Here you can modify several online options including

  • Voice Chat
  • Voice Chat Volume
  • Encounter Friendly Players
  • Allow Friends to Join
  • Hacking Invasion
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Online Appearance

If you want to turn seamless online gameplay off, you’ll need to disable the following options

  • Encounter Friendly Players
  • Hacking Invasion
  • Bounty Hunter

You can also disable Allow Friends to Join if you do not want your friends joining in your game. Once you have changed these options, simply back out of the Options area and continue with your game. Now to join online operations you will need to go into your in-game smartphone and select one of the nearby online ops showcased in your DedSec Operations application. If you decide later on that you would like to once more reactivate seamless multiplayer, simply follow the instructions outlined above and reactivate the options we listed to turn off. This will reenable seamless play, allow you to drop into online operations quickly and easily.

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