Now you are playing with power. The power to fit 30 awesome games in the palm of your hand!


Steve Watts, Cassidee Moser, Daniel Perez, and I went ham on this itty bitty console during our Extra Life 25 Hour Twitch stream. Ozzie Mejia also wrote up some great impressions of the new NES Classic Edition. If you want to see some folks haphazardly fumble their way through this amazing collection of classic Nintendo games, this is the video for you! There are a ton of hilarious moments including the revelation that Daniel Perez never finished reviewing Deux Ex: Mankind Divided. He's fired. For the kids!

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Check out our interview with Nicole Fulmino from Children's Specialized Hospital. She gave the whole team an energy boost with her positivity. 

Team Shacknews has raised $43,855 so far this year! There is still time, so please consider donating for the kids! Shacknews represented almost one third of the donations to Extra Life in New Jersey this year! We are very proud of this achievement and we take our committment to serving our community very seriously. Thank you to everyone who donated their time, money, and LOLs, during our Twitch marathon. Thanks to all of the chatty streamers who carried the baton for us while we caught some ZZZ's on Sunday. We all did a great thing and I know that our team is already excited for next year's marathon!

Children’s Specialized Hospital is the nation’s leading provider of inpatient and outpatient care for children from birth to 21 years of age facing special health challenges — from chronic illnesses and complex physical disabilities like brain and spinal cord injuries, to developmental and behavioral issues like autism and mental health. At 13 different New Jersey locations, our pediatric specialists partner with families to make our many innovative therapies and medical treatments more personalized and effective...so children can achieve more of their goals. Check out this interactive timeline of the 125 year history of Children's Specialized Hospital.

Please check out Extra Life's official page for more information about the charity program.

Find more about Children's Miracle Network and Children's Specialized Hospital too!



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