Dishonored 2 suffering from poor performance on PC

The PC version of Dishonored 2 appears to suffer from poor optimization as many users are giving it negative reviews on Steam.


Bethesda Softworks is set to release Dishonored 2 tomorrow, although if you pre-ordered the title, you can have access to it right this very minute. While that does seem tempting, PC users may want to hold off on plunking down their hard-earned cash as numerous reports are coming in the title is suffering from some optimization issues on the platform.

Many users are complaining of sudden slowdowns when accessing open areas, which we experienced for ourselves in our playthrough of the game today. Additional issues include regular drops in framerate, poor use of anti-aliasing, buggy subtitles, poor mouse optimization, and unoptimized textures.

As of now, Dishonored 2 sits at a “Mixed” rating on Steam with over 1,000 reviews already published. We have a feeling until Arkane Studios is able to release a patch to better optimize the PC version of the game, the negative reviews are going to continue to flood in.

We’ve reached out to Bethesda Softworks for comment and will update our story accordingly.

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