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Paragon's latest Hero is a large robot named Crunch that likes to punch

You're not going to want to be anywhere near Crunch when he gets in the mood for punching.


Epic Games has revealed yet another new Hero for its free-to-play third-person MOBA, Paragon. Today, we get to meet the melee fighter simply known as Crunch.

Crunch features a unique combo system that allows him to chain attacks together in a fluid fashion, which often results in the untimely demise of his opponents. Here’s a list of Crunch’s abilities:

  • Re-Crunch - Re-Crunch repeats the last ability used, opening up more possible combos. Re-Crunch also has two passive components. First, landing basic attacks shaves time off your cooldowns. Second, every third ability used is empowered.
  • Forward Crunch - Launches Crunch forward, stopping on the first enemy hero hit, dealing damage. When empowered, Forward Crunch drags enemies the full distance of the charge.
  • Left Crunch - Crunch delivers a left hook that deals increased cleave damage. When empowered, Left Crunch deals 100% basic attack damage to all enemies in cleave range.
  • Right Crunch - Crunch slows enemies on hit. When empowered, Right Crunch knocks up enemies.

Crunch will be available to deliver quite the slobberknocker starting on Tuesday, November 15.

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