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Tyranny - How Attributes Work

Learn what each Attribute in Tyranny will get you.


As you head off onto your journey to conquer the Tiers, you’ll often find your character and your party members leveling up. When this happens you will need to choose new Attributes and Skills to unlock for your characters. In this article we will walk you through all six of the basic Attributes, and go over what each Attribute affects.


The first Attribute on the list is Might. This determines your character’s physical strength. An increased Might Attribute means more powerful attacks and stronger abilities that you can use against your enemies. It is also affects your character’s Endurance stat, which serves as their basic defense. Might will most help players look to use melee weapons to deal massive amounts of damage.


Those who wish to be more accurate will want to want on Finesse. This particular Attribute is the main stat for accuracy of attacks and spells. It also increases the worm armor’s chances to reduce a specific hit type (critical to hit, hit to graze, etc). Finesse is perfect for any players looking to make the most of each blow they land. Archers and spellcasters will want to focus in on this Attribute early on. It is also an important stat for melee characters to make use of.


The next Attribute on our list is an important attribute for those with weaker powers and abilities. Quickness determines how often a character can use their spells and abilities in combat by reducing their cooldowns. This is exceptionally useful for mages, sorcerers, archers, and rogue-type characters.


The most basic Attribute in any role-playing game, Vitality is the Attribute that most directly affects your character’s health and strength of personality. It is important for all classes, especially those who will be sticking close to the forefront of the battle. It also affects your Will defense, which can be extremely important when dealing with enemy mages and sorcerers.


Similar to Intellect in other RPG games, the Wits Attribute determines your character’s mental acuity. This affects your character’s ability to observe the environment and find hidden caches, chests, and traps. It also is used to increase spell strength, as well as Magic defense. This Attribute plays an important part in the strength of each and every magic user in the game, and should also be a high focus for players looking to sneak around the game a good deal.


The final Attribute on our list, Resolve, is one of the most important in the game. This basic Attribute determines your character’s ability to endure mental and physical challenges. This directly correlates to your character’s Endurance, Will, and Magic defenses. This Attribute also increases the duration of any Afflictions caused by your character’s abilities, helping to make it a good focus for all playstyles in the game.

These are the six basic Attributes that determine your character’s overall playstyle. You should take a look at each one, and pay special attention when choosing where to put your points with each level. Now that you know how the Attributes work, head over to our Tyranny character creation guide to learn more about the character system and how it works.

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