Skyrim Special Edition crashing due to latest patch on PC, Xbox One, and PS4

Skyrim Special Edition owners across all platforms should tread carefully when playing with its latest patch.


Bethesda Game Studios released the first patch for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition yesterday, but it appears it’s causing more harm than good across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Skyrim Special Edition players have been reporting a number of issues with the latest patch, which includes freezing and crashes when loading from a previously-saved game. Players have voiced their displeasure across a wide variety of locations, including Steam, the Bethesda forums, Reddit, and Twitter.

A community administrator on Bethesda’s official forums says: “We're looking into these crash reports. Thank you for the feedback. We will let you guys know as soon as possible.”

Upon hearing of these issues, we attempted to recreate the crash on the PC version of Skyrim Special Edition, but we didn’t have any issues playing it for several minutes. We have yet to try out the latest patch on other platforms, but we’ll be giving it a shot later today.

We’ve contacted Bethesda for comment and will update our story accordingly.

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